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The Canadian Plowing Organization

Canada has a long and proud tradition in the world of plowing. Although the Canadian Plowing Organization was not founded until 1955, three years after the World Ploughing Organization, Canada was strongly involved with the creation of the world organization. In fact, Jack Carroll from Ontario was Chair of the first World Ploughing Competition held in Cobourg, Ontario in 1953. Jim Eccles, a Canadian, was the first winner. Since then, six of the world championships have been held in Canada, including the 60th world championship plowing contests at Olds College, Olds, Alberta in 2013. Goals:  The goals of the Canadian Plowing Association include preserving the art and skill of match plowing in Canada by advancing and teaching the skills involved, promoting the safe and efficient use of farm machinery, and encouraging improved farm productivity and yield efficiency through proper seedbed preparation and soil management. Objectives: To organize and conduct annual Canadian Championship Plowing Contests and declare a Senior Canadian Plowing Champion with conventional plows, a Senior Canadian Plowing Champion with reversible plows and a Junior Canadian Plowing Champion with conventional plows; To encourage provincial plowing organizations to organize contests and preserve the art of match plowing; To represent the excellence of Canadian plowing annually at the World Championship Plowing Contest; To stimulate interest in and provide guidance for the efficient use of farm machinery; To demonstrate sound seedbed preparation and conservation practices through use of the plow; To promote interest in plowing and farm productivity in general among government, industry and the public; To actively promote safety in all farm operations, particularly the safe use and operation of farm machinery; To utilize the plow to symbolize peace and goodwill throughout Canada and the world. www.canadianplowing.ca 
2016 Canadian Plowing Championships


Ottawa-Carleton Plowmen’s


The first record of a plowing match in Carleton County (now the City of Ottawa) was October 8, 1852 as part of the County of Carleton Agricultural Society. In 1924 Melvin A. Powell of Marlborough Township encouraged other plowmen from the area to create the Marlborough and North Gower Plowmen’s Association. Along with its annual plowing matches the association hosted their first International Plowing Match (IPM) in 1932 at the Central Experimental Farm. The association’s name was changed to the East Carleton Plowman’s Association in 1938, the Carleton County Plowman’s Association in 1952, and the Ottawa-Carleton Plowmen’s Association in 1976.   In 2016 the Ottawa Carleton Plowmen’s Association (OCPA) is celebrating its 93rd year. www.ottawaplowmen.com
August 24-27, 2016 Ottawa, Ontario Anderson Links Golf Club