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Aug 21, 2016

This is it and we’re ready! Welcome to Ottawa! Laying out the site and plow fields was completed on Thursday. Thanks to everyone for all the help. Rain a week ago Saturday and again Tuesday afternoon have made the plowing conditions near perfect. The sod on the Driving Range (Saturday plowing) is a plowers dream but caused Don all kinds of aggravation getting rid of the scratch furrow (ever try to move a 300 foot strip of sod). Myra tells me she has had a tremendous response to the Thursday Ottawa Tour - on Monday night she had only a hand full of spaces left. Theresa had an article about our event published by the online version of Flagstick Golf Magazine. A copy of the article can be viewed by clicking “10Aug2016 - Flagstick article” in the box on the right. The first plowing competitors arrived yesterday (British Columbia) and I talked to an Ontario competitor who was on the road. See you on Wednesday at the Official Opening.

Aug 10, 2016

It was too hot to work outside today! Even at 8:00 this evening it was too warm to be out watering trees - but the poor things needed it. Hope it cools off a little next week for staking. Give me a call at 613-867-5165 if you’d like to help lay out plow fields and pound stakes Tuesday, Aug 16 and Wednesday, Aug 17 - Thursday and Friday are rain days. (We can only hope for rain). It’s been pointed out to me that while everyone involved in planning CPC-16 knows where Anderson Links and Jill’s Farm are located, visitors might not - so here are civic addresses: Anderson Links. 4175 Andersonn Road, Ottawa, ON Jill’s Farm, 4640 Leitrim Road, Ottawa, ON Final News Brief and News Release were issued today along with some information for VIP/Media plowing participants. Check the “News” box to the right for details. Bill has been burning up his email account lining up participants for VIP plowing. It should be good show and lots of fun. If you are a VIP (our standards aren’t too high) and would like to plow give Bill Tupper a call at 613-489-3792. Details have been confirmed for the Thursday Tour of Ottawa. Check the attachment to the right and give Myra or Elsie a call - only 30 spaces available so don’t wait too long. Tickets for Plowmen’s BBQ ($20.00), Auction Dinner ($20.00) and Award Banquet ($35.00) have been printed and are available for purchase. Contact Sharen at 613-913-0721 to order. Remember the Wine & Cheese (plot draw) reception on Tuesday night is a no charge event and tickets are not required. There will be lots of food so make this your supper location. Next and last CPC-16 planning meeting Monday Aug 15, 2016 @ 7:30 pm - Anderson Links.

August 1, 2016

August ? Where did July go! There has been an update to competitors. Troy Leeming is not able to join us and he has been replaced by Zachary Doerr in the Junior Competition. Our program book has been printed and 3000 copies are being distributed throughout eastern Ontario and beyond. Sharen and Sure Print did a superb job and are rightfully proud of the results. If you can’t find one in your local give us a call and we’ll make sure you get one. A big THANK YOU to all our sponsors and advertisers - we’re able to plan for a top notch, professional welcome for our competitors and visitors. Check out the Sponsorship page for an up-to-date list and let them know we appreciate their support. Big news during July was the welcoming the City of Ottawa on board as a Platinum Level Sponsor - Thank you Mayor Watson. Golf shirts arrived 2 weeks ago and have been well received. Sharen picked up the caps last week and will have them for the OCPA meeting tonight. Give me a call if you want feel good and look good. Plans are progressing very well with most things falling in to place without too much difficulty. Myra has plans for an exciting trip into Ottawa on Thursday, August 25. She has ordered a large bus so if you are interested in doing the tourist thing stay tuned for more details. If you’d like to volunteer to help make CPC-16 a success give me a call at 613-867-5165. First job is staking fields - Tuesday Aug 16 & 17 - give me a call if you can help one or both days. Better go get ready for OCPA meeting tonight. More later. Next planning meeting for CPC-16 is Monday, August 15 - 7:30 pm at Anderson Links.

June 19, 2016

June is half gone! Just 60 days until competitors start to arrive. Good turn out for May 16 meeting. First meeting held at Anderson Links. Gib gave us a tour of the the Anderson Link site and “Jill’s Farm” on Leitrim Road just west of Anderson Road. Here’s part of the group standing where the tractor park will located. Competitors will have an inside work area if required. You can tell we had returned to some cooler weather. Promotion has begun in earnest with a float in the Manotick Dickinson Day Parade on June 3 and in the 200th anniversary of Beckwith Township, Pioneer Day parade on the 11th. Our Queen of the Furrow, Cassidy Reaney,  was able to join our float on both occasions. Thanks to Share, Myra and Linda in “dressing up” a gorgeous blue tractor and trailer. We’re nothing if not colour co-ordinated.  Sharen tells me she has 2 more parade appointments lined up. Some of our committee participated in the City of Ottawa - “Mayor’s Rural Expo and Food Aid Day” on June 2nd. I hear that Wyatt even managed a plug on CFRA. Sharen has been busy getting the program book ready. Response to our requests for support have been great and we’d like to get everyone in the book but we do need to cut it off and get it printed. Sponsorship support is still open and while a sponsor won’t get an ad in the program book they will get recognition on the event site, on the web site, and a shout-outs at all official functions. Additionally, all sponsorships include a number of tickets to the vaious official functions. Our promotional poster is available. If you would like a copy to post in your community or business please contact one of the executive. Next CPC-16 all committee meeting is Monday, June 20th, 7:30 at Anderson Links.

May 2, 2016

May Day has come and gone and things are starting to turn green. Where is the year going! The CPC-16 committee has been busy and that’s my excuse for no update since March. Lots of interest from fellow Ontarians at the OPA annual meeting. We’re anticipating their great support. The executive is now meeting once a month in addition to the all-volunteer meetings. All meetings will now be held at Anderson Links, the 3rd Monday of each month. At our last executive meeting we firmed up a Tentative Schedule for the week of the Competition. It’s available as a pdf file from the Home page and for viewing on the Competition-> Program page. Gib has the barley planted on the stubble land and he and his crew are hard at work cleaning up and sprucing up the site. He’s going to make us all proud of the hospitality we extend to all our guests in August. We finally got everyone on board for our Site Signs and starting with a hearty breakfast at Anderson Links we spent a good part of Saturday, April 30 erecting these signs at Anderson Links and at Jill’s Farm. If you are out for a drive -- travel Anderson and Leitrim Roads and take a look. We think they look GREAT! Thanks Sharen, Glen, Doug, Linda, Keith, Gib, Elsie, and Bill. Fund raising is going very well. The challenge now is to get all the information to Sharen ASAP so we can get program book printed for distribution in June. Received the list of competitors from the CPO Secretary on Friday and they are now included on the Competitors Page Next CPC-16 meeting is Monday, May 16th, Anderson Links with a tour of the site at 7:00 PM and meeting at 7:30. If you are interested in helping out come along.

March 28, 2016

Just when we thought spring was here we get this!!! We had snow, rain, sleet, freezing rain in Ottawa, but not near as hard hit as central Ontario. Seeing the images brings back memories of the 1998 ice storm. CPC-16 post card has been produced, with over 1000 copies handed out at the Ottawa Farm Show. To have a look at the card go to Sponsorship -> Advertising. If you would like to get copies to handout, send me an email and I’ll make it happen. We’ll have copies at the OPA Annual Meeting. We have had some enquirers about setting up displays at Anderson Links during the Competition. To assist in this activity we have produce a “Display Information and Agreement Form”. I’ve attached a link to this form in the News box to the right. Next CPC-16 meeting is April 11, 2016 at Emerald Links, 7:00 pm. Remember, all advertising for the Program Book must be in by the end of April. Sponsorship support can continue after that date.

February 27, 2016

The only plowing we’re doing today is to get rid of the snow. Not too cold but sure is windy. Fund raising is going well and support is starting to flow in. I’ve listed the known supporters on the Sponsorship page and will update as required. All ads (copy and payments) for the program booklet must be in by April 29th in order to have it ready for distribution June 1. Next meeting of CPC-16 Organizing Committee is March 14, 2016 at Emerald Links, 7;00 pm. The Farm Show will be over with, spring will be in the air and we can begin planning in earnest. Hope to see you there. For those that think the match site is too far to drive each night I’ve included the accommodation information below. A pdf file copy is available by clicking on the link to the right in the News box.

CPC-16 Accomodation

Accommodation for Competitors, CPO directors and other interested parties is at the Holiday Inn Express, 2881 Gibford Dr, Ottawa -- near the Ottawa International Airport. The group block is registered under the name Canadian Plowing Championship – 2016 with a check-in date of August 21, 2016 and a check out date of August 28, 2016 and a rate of $139.00 (does not include suites). The cut-off date to make the reservations at the group rate is July 21, 2016, after the cut-off date all rooms that have not been reserved will be released. For anyone looking to reserve online please go to www.hieottawa.com and follow the steps below: 1. Put in the exact dates of  check-in and check-out (they have to coincide with the group block dates – Aug 21 to Aug 28, 2016) 2. Under the box for Group ID enter  CPC 3. The group rate with the group name will automatically populate. The on-line tool is the easiest and simplest method to make reservations. However if you need alternate dates the hotel can be reached at 613-247-9500. Accommodation include: hot breakfast, fridge, microwave, in room coffee, free parking, airport shuttle & coin operated washer & drier. A secondary hotel is the Hampton Inn & Suites owned by the same firm and right next door. The phone number for the Hampton Inn is 613-248-1113.

December 11

The Sponsorship/Fund Raising package has been up dated to include who checks should be made payable to (Ottawa Carleton Plowmen’s Association -- CPC-16) and a mailing address for where to send them. A bank account has been opened and Sandy tells me we have multiple checks to deposit. Enthusiasm is building - keep up the good work. All committees now have a chair - if you are interested assisting with one of the committees contact one of the executive so we can put you in touch with the chairperson.

November 18

Web page is going live! Mobile variant still has a few wrinkles but I’m working on them. If you see any issues please let me know at the webmaster email centre bottom of each page. Have our first check to deposit so we had to open a bank account.

October 2015

Fund raising package completed and distributed to all volunteers interested in contacting potential advertisers or sponsors. We’re underway. Started development of this web site.

September 2015

Sept 28 - The focus this month has been getting ready for the IPM in Finch. Congratulations to the Finch crew - a job well done- and with great weather. But now its over over and we can move full steam ahead at planning for 2016. Committee chairs are filling up and fund raising activities are the first item on the agenda.

August 2015

Aug 25 - Presented our “plans to date” to the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Plowing Organization during the 2015 competition on Wolfe Island. We have our executive in place. Allen Hills, Chair; Gib Patterson, Co-chair; Sharen Armstrong, OCPA President; and Sandy McNiece, Secretary/Treasurer.

Spring 2015

Gib and Allen surveyed and measured all the potential plow land. Sandy loam soil and flat - a plower’s dream. All the land has been planted into barley and under-seeded with legumes. The land required for “stubble” plowing will be worked in the fall and planted back to barley in the spring of 2016. The “sod” land will have the hay cut during the summer of 2016.


One place for all the news about plowing. We’ll post our News Briefs, News Releases and Announcements for the use of media and other associations. If you have news letters or information of interest to the plowing fraternity please forward it to Allen Hills for our consideration in adding to this list. 10Aug2016 - Flagstick article Thursday Tour of Ottawa VIP & Media Plowing Details Display Agreement Accommodation Information News Brief - Oct 15, 2015 News Brief - June 15, 2016 News Release - June 15, 2016 Media Advisory - June 15, 2016 News Release - Aug 10, 2016 What Is Ploughing All About (pdf file) Competitive Plowing with the Reversible Plow (pdf file) How the World Plowing Match Came to Cobourg (first world championship)
2016 Canadian Plowing Championships
August 24-27, 2016 Ottawa, Ontario Anderson Links Golf Club